I love you. That is the beginning and the end of everything. I like that you changed your profile picture randomly to not a picture of that brown guy and you. I think you did that for me. I don’t know why else u would change it. Part of me wants to calm you or something and then see you in court again when you turn me I. Then I’ll jump over the ledge and grab you and not let go. Then maybe they’ll taze me and you will feel bad for me and say hey that’s enough..I’ll love you again. You earned me

Did we break up because I am not good enough for you? Is it my fault. All I want is what I believe. You love me. I forget that all the time. And sometimes I even forget that I love you. But I always love you andrea reliever of brush prairie Washington. I always love you. Spend more moments with me. Don’t you want to spend more moments with me andrea Connell? I don’t know. Why is you’re snapchat andrea Connell? If you are married to another man…I don’t wanna know there was something wrong with me the whole time.